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idk why but i won!... then lost.


This is the best 10 seconds game I have ever played! Story, sounds and graphics are perfect. Well done! :D

Thanks so muchhh!!!! :')


I DID IT!!!!!!!! 

Yeeyyy! You can think about Elephants in peace now :)

yay! :)

I cant move around

Weird! Did you try clicking the screen? When you go Fullscreen sometimes browser loses focus on the game, it's so silly.

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I tried, but when I start the game it freezes my mouse and makes me unable to do any thing for the next few seconds. I've tried dragging, clicking, and wasd.

Edit: I figured it out! It was directional keys.

LOL OMG I should have stated it somewhere. I could also make it so you can move with WASD too. On it. Thanks for playing and feedback! <3




Ufff! Lo logré!!!


Lo logré. Muy bonito :3


Very cute! Didn't know to hit enter at the start and just furiously tried to focus on anything other than elephants.

Hahaha I should put that, at least in the description. But I love your metagame. Thanks for playing! <3