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cool but suicidal


funny to play once we understand it's better to keep it slow (hm yeah great mini game to introduce to meditation basics). Cool!

I guess you should add a content warning for the flashing lights/colors


Ohh thanks a lot!!! And thanks for the other comment as well :) <3

And yes, I put a warning in the description, but guess a screen at the start would be better. I'll update it later!


This game is something unusual! The style, the aesthetics, the gameplay everything seems unique and that's the value of this game, well done! Would be looking forward to more such awesome content from you in the near future!


Thaanks a lot!! The theme of the jam was "Sensory overload", so I needed something weird :) I'm happy you enjoyed it! And hey, I just released this week's game! haha 


P.S, Loved the Hollow Knight and Silksong reference😇


it's silly, but great ;)