So a lot of friends joined this jam so i guess i had to join as well. 
And here I am! Joining. Woooo!

With cool music and SFX by Moose!

So this dev Didi07 made a cute game, but by mistake created a jam whose "rules" were actually the description of the game. With Paradise community we decided to join and make a lot of fangames of Didi07's game :) 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMer Grazzini
Made withConstruct
Tagsbread, Food, Funny, raindeer


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while waiting for the next food to drop i loved making the reindeer dance 


beautiful! i love the reindeer's run animation


too cute :")


amazing art!!! the run blur is so cute ^_^


When I passed 99 my score disappeared :) one of my favorite games from the jam!


LOL thanks for the heads up, I think I fixed it. 
Also OMG, I didn't expect anyone to get that far hahaha 
Thanks a lot Corey <3 T.T


Un juego por mes sacás manijaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jajajajaja

JAJAJA Estuve haciendo uno por semana!! Ahora me estoy calmando. Pero esto fue presión social jajaja